Garden Paws. Multiplayer RPG Simulation game for PC & Switch

Created by Bitten Toast Games

Grow plants, run your shop, tame animals, rebuild the town, go spelunking in the caves and more in this relaxing simulation rpg.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Legendary Animals, Multiplayer update and more!
about 4 years ago – Thu, Sep 06, 2018 at 01:19:05 AM

Have you entered the Fan Art Contest?


Submit your drawings (digital or hand drawing), or other forms of art to us through Twitter using #GardenPawsContest or through Facebook by clicking here.

The dev team (Dan, Kristina and Thaigo) will go through the top 5 with the most likes by the community and pick one that will win a full copy of Garden Paws Alpha

Or maybe we will post as an update and let the community vote and see all the beautiful art as well! What do you think?

Legendary Animals continued

On Update #9 we announced working on the Legendary Animals and got some incredible ideas and suggestions that we wanted to share with you!

There were so many incredible ideas! We especially love the Strawberry Milk Cow, (we're thinking you have to feed the strawberry cow strawberries everyday to tame, and keep feeding them everyday otherwise to yield strawberry milk)!

There are so many incredible ideas, thank you so much for commenting them and please keep them coming! 

(A few of the many great ideas we saw include: Jeweled Tortoise, Cotton Candy Sheep, Gold Variants, Flying Pig.)

If you caught the stream last night by Kristina, you may have seen her working on the Tortoise and Dragon! (To stay up to date on streams please join our Discord.)

We also got some incredible fan art back from TheStarBear (DeviantArt) for the Unicorn! This will be the legendary counterpart to the Horse! With a lot of hard work and it's favourite treat, you will be able to tame the Unicorn!


Elemental Legendaries

We also received a lot of suggestions for elemental creatures and are definitely thinking about doing elemental creatures in the future! The Phoenix being the Fire variant to the bird! 

Here is some more incredible fan art by TheStarBear of the pheonix and fire horse!


Game Updates

This update isn't just about Legendary Animals though, since releasing the demo we have received so much valuable feedback

With the community feedback we have been doing bug fixes and making the game more enjoyable for everyone. Including adding a visual tutorial!

Not many people like playing through a long tutorial, or may forget how to play after putting the game down for a few days/weeks/months. Don't worry, your grandparents will save the day

At the start of the game your grandparents will send you mail with a visual tutorial attached, from there it will always remain in your game notes if you ever need a refresher.

Here are two examples of the visual tutorial, these aren't the final versions but as always we wanted to share our progress with the community


A few other notes from the devs...

We are probably sounding like broken records but we are so thankful for everyone that has supported us in making Garden Paws a reality. It's been a very busy few months, and we're sure will be a busy but rewarding 2019.

We have been hard at work implementing the Multiplayer, and it's coming along really well! We will update everyone in a day or two, (before the kickstarter ends), to confirm if it will be in for the Alpha release.

Our current game ready for alpha has 30+ hours of questing, farming, shop-keeping, raising chickens, some crafting and some building. (Oh and Twitch Integration.) But we aren't stopping there, we'll have lots more ready for you!

Our focus this month+ is to smooth out the building, as well as adding furniture and multiplayer. We will also be working on the gorgeous steampunk "Exclusive Kickstarter Glider" and the other Kickstarter exclusive items.

Furniture and Crafting Stations
about 4 years ago – Tue, Sep 04, 2018 at 11:50:23 PM

One aspect we really like in Garden Paws is the ability to customize your environment. We are working on several different pieces of furniture that you will be able to craft and place.


Today we wanted to share with you a couple of different crafting stations that you will be able to use to craft different items.


The Flower Workbench will be used to craft bouquets, flower headbands, seed bundles, flower decorations and much more.


In the Cooking Station you will prepare delicious meals that may have added benefits like speed boost and more.

With different crafting stations we hope to make your life easier by making the crafting lists more organized. With over 200 crafting recipes currently planned out, it's good to have some organization.

Projects We Love


If you are looking for more cute games on Kickstarter you should check out Hamsterdam, the brawling hamster-fu beat-em up made for Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PC/Mac, and PS Vita!

Hamsterdam is a game where rhythm & precision meets some good old fashioned button mashing. With classic arcade brawling mechanics and tap and swipe martial arts combos, the power of Hamster-fu is in your paws!

You can find the Kickstarter campaign for Hamsterdam over at:

Paint Brushes, Legendary Animals, and more!
about 4 years ago – Tue, Sep 04, 2018 at 01:20:24 AM

 Paint Brushes!

Who doesn't love to customize their home? We are excited to announce we have started working on paint brushes! Each paint brush will contain 1-8 colours or patterns to personalize your space. 

Brushes will be able to be used on the wall or floor depending on the brush type, don't worry if you make a mistake the paint brushes will have unlimited uses! You will even be able to trade them with others!

What colour or pattern do you want to use on your walls or floor?
Let us know in the comments below.


More on Legendary Animals!

With our first stretch goal being hit we are working on the first 3 Legendary Animals! We mentioned before that these will be rare counterparts to the current common types you see wandering around Garden Paws.

Note: ALL animals that you see in Garden Paws will be tameable for the full release. (Spirits in the dungeon, will remain untameable.)

With the help of an incredible artist, TheStarBear (DeviantArt), we have our first concept art for the Rock Fox! 

Do you want to see this Legendary Rock Fox in the game? 


Which animal do you want to see as a Legendary type?

Other Legendary possibilities that we are thinking of include:
Unicorn - Horse
Cotton Candy Sheep - Sheep
Phoenix - Bird

All the current animals in the game (or being implemented):
Chick, Chicken, Cow, Horse, Fox, Bear, Goat, Bird, Turtle, Tortoise, Sheep, Bunny, Pig

Egg Hunt Event

Have you voted for your favourite 5 eggs? Make sure to head to Update #7 to vote for your top 5 eggs to be in the game this Spring! (Click on the image to jump to update #7)


Discord, and Twitter

You can always find us on Discord and Twitter. Especially if you'd like to see some spoilers of what we're working on that day come join the Discord.

Fanart Contest now on Twitter and Easter Egg voting round up
about 4 years ago – Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 10:17:28 PM

We are so excited with how many comments and votes the easter eggs are receiving! Here is a round up of how the votes are looking:


It is incredible being able to receive input from you backers and finding out what kind of things you want to see more in the game!


We are now extending the Fanart Contest to Twitter as well! You can participate by posting your artwork on twitter with the hashtag #GardenPawsContest You can find our tweet about it here.

Remember! The contest ends 11:59pm PDT (Pacific Time) September 9th 2018, one day before the Kickstarter ends!

We will be picking a winner from the 5 comments with the most likes on Facebook and another winner from the 5 most liked on Twitter!

Projects we love

If you're looking for other great games on Kickstarter coming to the Switch you should check out Sikanda!


Sikanda is a top-down 3D Action-Adventure with RPG elements. The game features realtime action combat, puzzles, optional side-quests, crafting, trading, minigames and more. Learn more about it here:


There is a great community forming up on our Discord! People come to chat with us and share ideas and feedback and we're loving it! If you'd like to talk about the game please join our Discord.

Thank you!
Daniel, Kristina and Thiago
Bitten Toast Games

Fanart Contest and Easter Egg Hunt!
about 4 years ago – Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 01:12:06 AM

Easter Egg Hunt!

We have received an overwhelming response, from the community, for the egg hunt to be the Spring mini-game! We created way too many eggs and need your help choosing the 5 best ones to be in the egg-hunt!


Every participant that participates in the egg hunt will receive a prize according to the amount of eggs and the rarity of the eggs that they gather. The eggs will vary in value when you sell them in your shop depending on their rarity. 

The eggs can also be cracked opened to reveal the goodies the townsfolk hid inside when they were painting the eggs. Watch out, there could just be rocks or poop inside, or you may get lucky with a rare item! 

Which eggs are your favorite?
Choose your top 5 and vote in the comments below!


Ever since the start of the kickstarter the community has been surprising us with lovely pieces of art inspired by Garden Paws! This week we decided to start a special fan art contest with a digital copy of Garden Paws Alpha as a prize!


Submit your Garden Paws inspired art here! The winner will be chosen by the dev team from the 5 most voted submissions.
(Art submissions can be in any form, a statue, a painting or surprise us!)


The contest starts right now and ends with final submissions by 11:59pm PDT (Pacific Time) September 9th 2018, one day before the Kickstarter ends!

We are so excited to see what you will come up with!

Daniel, Kristina and Thiago 
Bitten Toast Games