Garden Paws. Multiplayer RPG Simulation game for PC & Switch

Created by Bitten Toast Games

Grow plants, run your shop, tame animals, rebuild the town, go spelunking in the caves and more in this relaxing simulation rpg.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Breeding, A New Horse and lots more in this Spooky Update
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 11:56:40 PM

Breeding; Cats, Chickens and Sheep!

We are excited to say we have added breeding for unique colour and size variants for 3 animals! Once you have reached the first Summer a new quest line with Bruce will be available to begin introducing a new tree to Florens the Passionfruit Tree.

Once you have the Passion Fruit Tree you will be able to work with Frank to build a Breeding Pen and with Poppy to create new breeding treats.

The new Passionfruit Tree

These breeding treats are the key to collecting new colourful cats, chickens and sheep. Once you have the animals in the breeding pen with their treat they will start producing a baby. After a few days you'll have a new baby to raise, if you're lucky it will be in a unique colour.

We can't wait to see how you decorate your Breeding Pens, they can also be painted with the furniture paintbrush!

That's not all! The animals you breed will have a significantly higher sell price in your shop once they have matured.

A small green kitten! Which animal in Garden Paws would you like to breed next?

We hope you enjoy this update and are excited to make the rest of the animals available to breed very soon. 

What animals in Garden Paws would you like to breed and raise next?

Skeleton Horse

You can now find a Skeleton Horse for purchase on Halloween Island for 50 Pumpcoins. Don't worry this horse won't send the villagers running.

Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Some of the new halloween items!

We have added a few new shirts into Clovis' Shop that were previously only available as dresses. You can now find a Bumblebee Shirt, Blossom Shirt, Deer Shirt, Ladybug Shirt and Rainbow Paw Shirt! There is also a classic white shirt that can be dyed in a variety colours available in the shop.

There are many new items to pick up on Halloween island with your Pumpcoins! 

  • Jack O'Lantern Head
  • Skeleton Wings
  • Star Dress
  • Candy Corn Overalls
  • Skeleton Apron
  • Bat Sweater
  • Spider Sweater

Don't forget you can dye your clothes and accessories to have even more creative options.

The dyeing station is a great way to make your favourite apparel.
The mannequin is a great way to display your favourite outfits.

Spooky Paintbrush

There is a new Spooky Paintbrush with 9 new designs to paint with and is available on Halloween Island.

If you have Pumpcoins to spare, Petey the Pirate will now take them off your hand and give you Golden Coins in exchange.

Plenty of new spooky wall designs to choose from!

More Notes

  • The Outhouse is now a storage unit for Poop and Fertilizer.
  • 16 New Quests to complete.
  • Cats now have a slightly higher chance to drop fish.
  • There's a new black and brown dog skin.
  • Thiago updated several parts of the audio of the game.
  • Potentially fixed a rare bug in the dungeon where the guest sees a different dungeon level from the host.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the soap dispenser from being placed in the world.
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong music playing when you come back from a different island to the main island.

Thank you! 

We hope you enjoyed this update and are excited to bring more updates to you in the future for Garden Paws on the PC/Mac and are so excited for the Switch release. 

Staying PAWsitive with some new items and a new mount!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 11:45:56 PM

Hope everyone is doing well! We've got a few new items to share with you along with a new mount! This update is relatively small compared to our past updates as we work on the Switch. We'll have big news on the Switch soon. 

Horse Sanctuary

The next sanctuary to be added to Kozita is the Horse Sanctuary and along with it a very rare horse mount that can only be obtained from completing this sanctuary. We won't post any spoiler-y photos here though in case anyone wants the surprise in game.

New items

There are a few new items in this update including a large floor keyboard that can be walked across to press the musical keys. We have also added a pool that can be painted in several colours with the furniture paintbrush. The blueprints for these can be found at Roman's Blueprint Shop. In this update you'll also find a new TV and Laptop that can be painted!  

We know this is a very difficult time with the current COVID situation and send out all our best to everyone with a few new "care" items to Garden Paws. We've sent an in-game letter including the Face Mask and Soap Bottle these can be dyed/painted and can be crafted at the Clothing Workbench and Paint station.

The Soap Bottle has a cute interaction effect that we've also added as a Twitch Integrated command. If anyone in your chat types "soapy" or "clean", (with the "chat effects" enabled),  it will create bubbles over your character.

Switch Update

We are 100% working on the Switch update but it has taken us longer then we initially estimated due to how large Garden Paws has become. We are currently working on optimizing Garden Paws on the Switch so that players may build huge structures and tame many creatures. We don't have an eta at this time for the launch but fingers crossed our latest Switch optimization gets us much much closer to the release.

Potion Paws Crossover Items

For everyone that has expressed interest in the Potion Paws crossover furniture items and the Ghost Cat we're happy to say we'll be launching Potion Paws on Steam soon. By owning both games, (Potion Paws and Garden Paws), on the same Steam library you'll have access to the furniture set and ghost cat creature in Garden Paws in 1 in-game day.

From the Devs

Just a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us making Garden Paws and pushing it to the Switch, it's been our dream project and the community that has grown with it is beyond amazing. We still have lots planned for Garden Paws including the rest of Kozita opening up, Steam Workshop, always improving performance and of course more items and skins.

If you'd like to join the Steam Modding community we have a section set up on the Discord where you can start making mods with other mod creators. 

If you'd ever like to chat with us you can find us on Discord, Twitter, Facebook and even Twitch.




Roses, Tropical Plants, Furniture and More!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 05:16:51 AM

For this mini update as we work on the Switch we wanted to add a new crop and some new items to collect. We have done some tweaks and bug fixes as well. Hope you enjoy!

On Kozita island, Herb has new quests that unlock 3 new shop stalls to purchase items. There is the Rose and Lavender Seed Stall, the Tropical Plants Stall and the Garden Furniture Stall.

Switch update: At this time we don't have an eta but we are working on it and have had it playable on the Switch for a little bit. We're now focussed on optimizing the game so that players can build and have all the features that Garden Paws has on the PC. We're doing our best and we appreciate your patience.

Herb's shop fully upgraded!

New Plant: Roses

The bundled roses!

There are 3 rose colours; red, white and black, these can be planted solo or bundled for two visually different crops. Each can be used to craft the Rose Vase, Rose Trellis and Rose Decoration in their corresponding colours.

Showcasing the new rose items.

A couple days after you have obtained roses, Roman will have a new set of blueprints for you, the Rose Furniture Set. This set includes a Rose Carpet, Rose Table, Rose Chair, Rose Stool, Rose Arch and a Rose Decoration.

The Rose Furniture Set can be painted with the furniture paintbrush.

Roses in the winter.

Tropical Plants

There are 12 purchasable tropical plants that range from 500 coins to 10000 coins each. These are only purchasable from Herb on Kozita Island.

New Furniture Items 

Who doesn't need a cute decorative bicycle that can be painted! The back is large enough for a planter or a chest!

The new items included are; Lanterns, Plant Shelf, Stool, Wind Spinner, Sign Board, Plate, Bowl, Pitcher, and more! Herb's shop will give you even more options to decorate your house! Herb also sells a cute new straw hat so you can look even more dapper in the new island!

Oh wait, there's more! 

Bundled lavender crops.

You can now further decorate your shop! If you have the shop level 5 upgrade you can now toggle the decorations on/off at a new sign located near the tree. The tree beside your shop is no longer invincible, it can be defeated with an axe when your shop is level 5.

The lavender color variations can now be bundled for beautiful bushy colorful lavender gardens. The pineapples can now be bundled as well.

If you were having trouble selecting what to paint with your paintbrushes don't worry! Paintbrushes can now use the object selector to paint with precision! 

You can now make Pineapple and Raspberry filling and pie! 

Looking to change your shop up? Try placing a table on top of your current shop tables and item shifting them down.
  • The lamp posts and outhouse in the world can now be removed with the hammer.
  • Treasure Map Bottles and Rare Fishing spots have been increased.
  • Any grammatical errors reported have been corrected.
  • Some characters walk around and will emote when you fart in front of them.
  • The toilet and fridge can now be painted.
  • You can no longer destroy a cooking station or an oven that's in the process of crafting an item.
  • Picking fruit is slightly faster.
  • When playing online the password will save so you don't have to enter it each time you create a room.
  • Fixed an issue that happened when swimming while mounted on an animal

Huge thank you to everyone supporting the game by reporting bugs, leaving helpful feedback and of course leaving reviews and posting about Garden Paws. We're always trying to make Garden Paws better and we couldn't do it without this incredible community!

We love seeing what you build! Make sure to post in Discord or tag us on Twitter to share with the GP community.

If you'd like to follow our team here is where you can find us:

Devs are Dan and Kristina with the game audio by Thiago Adamo




New Island, Treasure Hunting, and German Translations!
about 2 years ago – Sun, Jul 05, 2020 at 04:32:44 AM

Hey everyone, since the last large update for Garden Paws we have been taking some time to focus on optimization for the Switch launch. We are working very hard and every day are getting closer to porting onto the Switch. The Switch has taken us longer than we initially planned mainly due to how large and how much content Garden Paws has compared to our initial plans. 

A few months ago we talked with our team and the community to see if we wanted to launch to the Switch "as is" but there was an overwhelming response from the community that people would rather wait for all the content the PC gamers would have. Porting such a large "heavy" game to the Switch requires lots of optimization which we have been focusing on. We have gotten the game playable on the Switch but it requires more optimization as everything the player builds adds to the process and memory. We are trying our best to find ways around this without limiting the game play or graphics quality. We hope to have more to share with you and apologize for the delay. 

We didn't want to leave PC players without new content though, here's what you can find in this update!

There are some new feathers in town!

Explore a New Island: Kozita 

In this update we have added a huge new area for late game players to explore. Once you have reached year 4 in game you'll be offered a quest line with Conrad and Frank to bring you to the new island: Kozita. Once you have landed on Kozita you'll be land locked for a few in game days while you meet new NPCs and get new equipment like the Kart and Raft.

The Kart and Raft in story mode!

This new island has new items to gather including Raspberries, Limes, Pineapples and 7 lavender colour variations with new cooking recipes to unlock as well. There are a few new quests on this island including a quest line to build an Animal Sanctuary which will create fence-less homes for creatures. Once you have built a specific creatures sanctuary you will be rewarded with a unique creature or item. (For spoilers on what the sanctuary rewards are we have a spoilers channel on our discord.)

Herb the Kozita Seed Seller can be found selling new seeds including Pineapple and Lavender Seeds!

When you are on this new island all tames and crops will be paused but time will continue, for example if you want to escape Winter in Florens head over to cozy Kozita.

You may notice some other islands across the thorns when you land on Kozita, these are areas that will be unlocked in future updates with new creatures and new quests.

The new pineapple crops!
There are 7 new types of lavender to be collected on Kozita

The new island is also bringing 7 new variations of lavender. These seeds can be purchased from Herb the Kozita Seed Seller and even turned into bundled crops or bouquets.

Catch Conrad exploring Kozita

 Characters on the island of Kozita are as curious as you are and can be found wandering around or sitting and enjoying the view. You may even catch some farting!

A completed sanctuary

The Treasure Update!

Petey the Pirates house and shop!

We had a bit of fun with this update adding treasure hunts! You'll be able to collect map fragments through quests, bottles you find on the beach and by fishing. When you get the Cartography Table from Petey the Pirate you'll be able to piece together the map fragments to form a Treasure Map!

The Cartography Table!

Use the treasure map, (when it's in your hot bar), to reveal a glowing trail pointing you towards the buried treasure to dig up. The treasure can be coins, items, clothes or even the dungeon items to help you get those museum collections completed.

Purchase new items and goodie bags with your golden treasure coins!


HUGE thank you to everyone in the community that has helped with translations over the past few months, we're excited to say we've started implementing the languages with our most translated language first, German!

The German translations have been 60%+ completed by the community! We were waiting till a language was 100% completed but as there are frequent updates we found it better to add the language as it is, anything not translated will remain in English. This has been community translated so there may be grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and slight inconsistencies in the objects/quests. We have had the translations scanned by a translator to search for any inappropriate language and thanks to this amazing community it's clean and ready to  share with the public.

To change the language go to Settings and then Change Language.

Other Notes

 We have been asked a few times if we would increase the story mode max players from 4. While the game play, content and rewards are not balanced for 5+ people we have decided to add the ability to create rooms for up to 10 people in story mode. We will be adding an in game message that the game is not balanced for this amount of players and you may get through the quests and other content quicker. If you'd like to play with 10+ players,  you can play with up to 32 players in Creative Mode.

New outfits and accessories!
  • New outfits and 2 new sets of wings.
  •  Energy obtained from food has been adjusted.  You roughly obtain energy roughly equivalent to 10% the sell price of the item. (Something that sells for 100 = 10 energy, 50 = 50 energy and so on.) When in the dungeon you obtain HP instead of Energy. 
  • The bouquet recipes for the hydrangeas and pink leaf flowers have been added.
  • This update has many bug fixes and we're always optimizing the game, sorry we're terrible at recording each fix. Between Dan and Kristina we forget to record each bug. If you find a new bug please let us know and we'll fix it. :)
  • Plant fiber seed now has a price and can be sold or dropped on the ground.
  • Some grammatical mistakes in quests have been fixed. 
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing Splash from selling the hedgehog skin.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing the earthquake cut scene from being shown.
  • The Bear Rainbow Skin colour name has been corrected. 
  • Added save button if you would like to manually save the game.
Looking to catch new fish or fish faster? Don't forget about Beltran selling the Gold Fishing Rod.

 If you'd like to follow our team here is where you can find us:

Devs are Dan and Kristina with the game audio by Thiago Adamo




Bulk Board, The Hedgehog, Dungeon, New Items and Bug Fixes
over 2 years ago – Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 10:01:42 PM

This update includes quite a few bug fixes, performance boosts, a new creature, 20+ quests and some huge dungeon improvements. We applied quite a few changes that we heard from the community in Discord or on Steam Discussions including a chance to gather a Plant Fiber Seed and grow your own fern, increasing habitat capacities and other quality of life features.

We really appreciate everyone's input and wish we could add all these epic ideas to Garden Paws, unfortunately with it being just the two of us working on features we're not able to add everything. With that we want to do another announcement that Steam Workshop is almost ready to go live, we just need a few more mods made for testing it before we can launch to the public. If you're interested in becoming a mod creator please join our Discord for beta access. 

At this time we don't have an update video but if you'd like one let us know, here's the video from last week.

Last update video can be found here on Twitter: 

Want to stay in touch with us you can also find us on Discord, Facebook and Twitch!

What's your favourite furniture set? Our latest favourite is the Birch set, when you paint it the colours are pastel!

Switch Update

Switch update: We can't post any photos but can say we've made huge leaps in Garden Paws for the Switch. At this time we aren't able to disclose where we are in the process but can say we're one step closer to being on the Switch. 

We appreciate everyone's patience and we can assure you we're working around the clock to get it out. Again we can't say much but can say with porting to any console there are waiting periods where we can't do anything but wait. During those times are when we work on new features for Garden Paws and other projects, (as well as self care). We have also reached out to separate companies as well to look into porting to the Switch quicker but unfortunately there is no faster alternative that is within our  means. We will keep updating the community as much as we can with our progress porting to the Switch.

New Creature: The Hedgehog

Spiky Ball of Cuteness

Looking for a cute addition to your farm, once in a Forest Habitat it will bring you one fruit a day. It can be obtained from any rare drop that can drop an animal, (Memory Game, Blue Mystery Crate, etc), and can also be obtained by completing one of the Museum collections. 

New Quests and the Bulk Bulletin Board

We heard you missed some of the bulk orders from Conrad so we have added a few more (20+) quests for Conrad and if you're looking for more there is even a quest that will get Frank to build you a Bulk Bulletin Board.

This Bulk Bulletin Board will act similar to the one in town but ask for a large quantity of items including cooked food, furniture, animals and even high end tools. If you complete a quest from the new bulletin board you'll earn 30% more coin than if you sold it in your shop!

You can only take one bulk quest a day, and if you don't like the quest that day just wait until tomorrow for a new one.


There are new collections in the museum!

The museum has new collections to complete! There is also a new Cloud Glider that can be obtained from a collection! We added the dungeon collections as well, if you're not a dungeon diver but want to complete the collections we recommend trading with other players.

The Largest Dungeon Update Yet

The dungeon is a great in multiplayer and we find it's easier and more fun with friends!

How are you enjoying the dungeon? In this update we have added 24 new items for you to collect and craft! The boss drops have also been improved with new rare items to gather. Not only can you gather the new items but certain levels will reward you with raw resources including; plant fiber, geodes, wood, stone and more. 

Battle your way to the boss for great loot! Each boss has unique loot drops that varies each time you battle them!

The dungeon monsters now match their environment, depending on the level you're in. We plan on expanding this in the future further with unique bosses and more mob variations.

Fire Dungeon Level!

Dungeon Crops! You can now plant the Dungeon Leaves, Dungeon Shroom, Dungeon Vine, Leafy Fern, Pink Petals, and the Dungeon Flower. These are key elements in the new healing powders which you will unlock the deeper you dive into the dungeon.

Taming Wands! We've also added the ability of taming the dungeon monsters! Once you reach certain levels of the dungeon Hash will start selling blueprints for taming wands for shards. Taming wands can then be crafted in the Dungeon Workbench and can be used to tame a monster. 

After beating the boss head down to the dungeon shop for rare loot.

Some new items are also coming to the Dungeon Workbench. You can unlock new dungeon blueprints by progressing in the dungeon, like the Dungeon Chest, Dungeon Crate and more. There are also 3 new dungeon capes to find in the dungeon shop!

The tamed dungeon monster and some new dungeon items!

Hash also has a new chest close to him, this chest is linked with any other chest on the dungeon shop levels and the one located near Hash. This chest can be used to provide some inventory relief in long dungeon runs. In the Dungeon Shop there is now a Dungeon Workbench and a Relic Shop Table that is guaranteed to sell the "Life in a Bottle" relic.  Another quality of life improvement is that in Multiplayer players can now see each other's health and location in the dungeon.

There are new items to craft at the dungeon workbench!

We hope you enjoy the new and improved dungeon! P.s. If you're not a dungeon diver but want the new items there is a fantastic community on the Discord with many members offering to trade or gather the items for you.

Notes and Bug Fixes

  • The bunny habitat has been increased from 3 to 6
  • A rare fishing bug for some countries, in which you could only catch blue mystery boxes has been fixed. You can now catch fish with the fishing rod.
  • Mayor is selling coin bags again and is now also selling a new 10k coin bag.
  • Fixed a bug with Beltran's tool upgrades which caused them to only show up once.
  • Fixed a bug with the chest being too generous when reopened quickly.
  • Cosmo at the Custom Shop now changes their items every day.
  • Ice Dungeon items now should show up in the ice dungeon shop properly.
  • The size of the bees in the apiary has BEEn increased
  • The Intensity of the light in the furnace has been decreased.
  • The size of the birch workbench has been adjusted.
  • A bug that caused dungeon relics not to work unless selected in the hotbar at some point has been fixed.
Twitch integration not only let's people in chat type hype and love but viewer chatting can also be customers and monsters!

Huge thank you to everyone supporting the game by reporting bugs, leaving helpful feedback and of course leaving reviews and posting about Garden Paws. We're always trying to make Garden Paws better and we couldn't do it without this incredible community!

If you'd like to follow our team here is where you can find us:

Devs are Dan and Kristina with the game audio by Thiago Adamo