Garden Paws. Multiplayer RPG Simulation game for PC & Switch

Created by Bitten Toast Games

Grow plants, run your shop, tame animals, rebuild the town, go spelunking in the caves and more in this relaxing simulation rpg.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Garden Paws is coming to the Switch August 26!
over 2 years ago – Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 09:56:40 PM

Nintendo Switch

Garden Paws has passed the certification process and now has a release date, It will be coming to the switch on August 26! The storefront page should be going live soon.

Nintendo Switch backer? Select your Nintendo Switch Key Region

We sent a form through backerkit to all the Switch backers. If you backed or pre-ordered  the Switch copy please go to your backerkit to access the form and select what region you would like your key for. Then we will be requesting the keys from Nintendo and sending them out via backerkit.

Human Character, More Saves, New Items and more!
almost 3 years ago – Wed, May 19, 2021 at 06:11:50 PM

 We are introducing a new character, The Human as a free Garden Paws DLC. We have decided to introduce the character in this way so that if anyone doesn't want human character in their game they can simply not download the DLC.

The character DLC is also bringing in several new hair styles that can be used on any character. These hair styles can by dyed and can be placed in the existing hair equipment slot or the second hair equipment slot that has been added with this update.

The human DLC can be downloaded right from Steam here. We'd love to hear what you think about this character and hope it brings new life to your Garden Paws game.

New Special Dyes

Malu has a new quest which leads her to opening up a new shop selling special dyes. The dyes change clothing items, accessories and hair styles. The special dyes include the water, galaxy and a series of void colours. 

New Kozita Items and Changes

There are 2 new items that can be found in Kozita; the Dragon Habitat and the Gem Pillar. To obtain the items you must trade Dragon Statues to Mina or the miners.

These items can be painted with the furniture paint brushes to change the color of their Crystals and when the gem pillar is painted its light changes colors as well.

We have updated the locations of the Dragon Statues so they're slightly easier to find as well as increased their size. The Dragon Eggs have also had an increase in size. Happy searching!

New Save Slots

Listening to many player requests there are now 5 World and Character slots available! That should help players that already had 3 worlds but wanted to explore the new River Island map that was released in the last update.

New Wooden Building Pieces

There is a new set of items to unlock from Roman that make great building pieces! These include bridges, a ramp, a pillar and a new wooden tunnel.

New Paw Hotbar Slot

 When you have a hotbar full of tools it's sometimes annoying to accidentally swing your axe at customers at the store when you're simply trying to sell them items. With the new Paw Hotbar Slot you can run around without swinging your axe or scaring away all your customers.

Modding Updates

We're always excited to see what the talented players in the community have been coming up with in the new Steam Workshop section! There have been many new skins, faces and even new craftables and quests shared there! If you haven't checked it out yet you can find the workshop here.

In this update we've made some changes both to the modding system, mod manager and the skin tester tool to make the creation of mods even easier

In case you haven't checked out the modding tools yet, here's how to find the ModManager and the Skin Testing tool:

This update also makes some changes to make it even easier to create clothing items for the game, we've created a little instructional video on how to do so:

Here are other changes made to the modding system:

  • The Skin Tester Tool can now import models to be used as clothing. It comes with some models that are pre-made and available in the game without having to import it into your mod. This includes Dresses, Sweater, Shirts and more.
  • It is now possible to paint skins and clothing items directly inside the Skin Tester Tool
  • When importing clothing there are options to fine tune the placement of clothing items, and a button to automatically create the necessary .json file for the item with those values.
  • It is now possible to Launch the game, enable/disable modding console and enable/disable modding sandbox straight from within the Mod Manager app.

Other Changes and Fixes

  •  Winter terrain visuals have been updated. The first 10 days of winter will have a grassy snow terrain, as well as the last 10 days of winter. Days 11-19 will remain the same as it was.
  •  Forest habitat now takes dark and fairy dragons. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Hatchery that sometimes prevented progress on hatching.
  • Fixed an issue with the Crafted Beehives that prevented it from giving honey.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the White Shirt to showing up on the player.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ruins Puzzle parts/door not moving.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stained Glass Tortoise.
  • A new face has been added to the game.
  •  Sierra now sells 6 items instead of 3.
  • The new purchasable house in town can now be painted with paintbrushes.
Taking in the view on the River Map
Waking up to a new map is pretty refreshing!


The Rainbow Dragon plushie available on our Etsy!

Steam :




New Map, Steam Workshop and Switch Update
almost 3 years ago – Sat, May 01, 2021 at 06:02:07 PM

The dev team; Dan, Kristina and Thiago, want to give a HUGE Thank You to everyone that has been supporting us making our dream game over the past little while. Your steam reviews, twitch streams,  tweets, feedback, and really everything is so helpful at making Garden Paws as good as it can be. Spreading the word about Garden Paws brings in more people and let's us continue to work on it, adding new content and expanding the GP world, so we just wanted to say how grateful we are. The game wouldn't be what it is today without you. Alright, time for the important stuff.

Switch Update

Starting with the Switch update we're happy to say Garden Paws is running smoothly, all quests are working, bugs are squashed and visually it's really pretty (at least we think so). We had to change the water and grass to be optimized for the Switch while keeping the Garden Paws feeling. We went through the entire project and removed anything that drained performance as well as optimized textures, shaders and anything else we could find. 

The UI has also been re-worked for a better controller experience.

We've sent it in to Nintendo and are waiting to hear back, if all goes well we'll have great news soon. Many people ask for an eta and we're sorry but we still don't have one as it depends on the certification process. 

New Garden Paws Map

This has been in the works for a few months now and we're ready to ship it out to players! This will not replace your current map, it is a completely separate map option to play on. When you create a new world you now have the option to select the "Classic Map" or the "River Map". 

The new map has may rivers and little islands to visit!

This map has many similarities to the Classic Map, the main differences being the player home and town locations. On the River Map the town has moved to where the player home used to be, and the player home has moved to a more central location with a beautiful view of town and the surroundings.

What better way of exploring then ew town area than with a new Dragon?

Pamela has also moved closer to the player as opposed to being on a faraway island. Geographically the map hasn't altered too much apart from the forest and small changes. 

We hope new and old players will enjoy the refresh this map brings to Garden Paws.

Tips for playing the new map: 

  •  Start with a brand new character for a fresh start
  • Bring your character and some workbenches to the new island for a speedy beginning
  • Bring your character but drop off your coin by turning your coins into bags with Mayor Wilson
  • Want more tips? Join our Discord to chat with the Garden Paws community! 

Other additions to this update

  • There are a few new dragons flying in, including the monarch, snowflake, and galaxy dragon.
  • There is also a new Tortoise to find, this is the stained glass tortoise. It has a 30% chance to spawn from a regular tortoise egg.
  • The castle interior items can be moved using the hammer. This has resulted in a slight visual change.
  • The owl nests are larger and have moved, making them easier to find.
  • Bred Horses now keep their colors after growing up.
  • Sierra now sells decorative flower display trays that can hold up to 20 flower items.

Steam Workshop and Modding

Steam workshop is live! We are excited to see what mods become available to the Garden Paws community!

In the new Workshop you'll be able to find new content created by our community!

We had the ability to make your own character skins since Day 1 but we've now added it to the initial game files. If you'd like to make your own skins you can find the Skin Tester Application and files in the same folder as the game. 

You can test new skins and faces in the GPSkinTester!

To access this folder from Steam head to your Steam Library,  right click Garden Paws then access Properties. From here click on "Local Files" and then "Browse". 

This will open your file explorer with the location of the skins and the application "GPSkinTesting".

Please note: Custom skins will not be visible to other players to ensure Garden Paws is family friendly. However, if everyone in the lobby has the skin installed from Steam Workshop you will be able to view it on other players.

 New Plushie!

We're excited to announce our Rainbow Dragon Plushies are available! They have some beautiful details to perfectly capture the in-game Rainbow Dragon. The plushie is 17cm tall, super soft and squishy! There are limited quantities, if you'd like one you can find them in our Etsy store.

Rainbow Dragon Plushie


Steam :




Farm Plots, Tortoises, Breeding and more!
about 3 years ago – Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 06:28:37 PM

This next update we're excited to bring you more creatures to breed, the tortoise, farm plots and more. We have been having a great time connecting with the community through Twitch and have added Garden Paws avatars for everyone to use while streaming! Twitch integration can be activated by typing in your channel name, once you are connected you can turn on "viewers on bottom of screen". 

Your chatters will be able to interact by typing "hype", "love", "jump", "dance" and do other fun emotes while you're playing! They can even change their character by typing in the character type, (Ex. Dragon).

We recently did a stream on Twitch play testing Garden Paws on the Switch and are glad to say it's running smoothly! We can't share much past that other than Switch is getting closer every day! We really appreciate everyone's patience as it's been much more difficult than we presumed with how large Garden Paws has become. Huge Thank You to this amazing community!

Twitch integration now includes Garden Paws Avatars!

+Breeding; Horses, Pigs, Goats, Ducks and Dogs

There are 5 new creatures to breed, the quests will start with a letter from Poppy. These creatures are the same as the past creatures that we're able to breed meaning they'll have many different colours and size variations when bred!

New Creature : The Tortoise!

Kozita has a new egg to search for, the Tortoise egg! This egg has the same mechanic as the previously introduced owl and dragon creatures. Once you've found the egg simply place it in a Hatchery, take care of it until it's an adult and then ride it around!

A new Dragon egg with 13+ new dragons to hatch!

There is a new dragon egg to find, the Fairy Dragon Egg! This egg has 13 possible dragons to hatch!
The new galaxy dragon can be found in the dark egg as a very rare drop!

Who doesn't want more dragons in what started as a shop/farming simulator! We're so glad we have this amazing community that enjoys the fantasy creative world we've built and are always expanding! With that our developers got a bit carried away and made a few more dragons.

New items; farm plots, heart couch, bridge, stone block and more!

With farming being such a large part of Garden Paws we wanted to introduce Farm Plots! These plots come in 4 different sizes and come with their own watering systems! The farms can be painted with any wall paintbrush to make your farm your own! These items can be purchase from Sierra or crafted after the elizabeth quest line.

Other new items added and how to find them:

  •  Animal Planters: found at Sierra's shop from day 1.
  •  Heart couch and chair: Can be purchased from Herb on Kozita.
  •  Building Stone Blocks (2) : Crafting blueprint is received after a quest that starts with Elizabeth. 
  •  Stone Bridge and Stone Overpass : Crafting blueprint received after gaining Stone Building Blocks.
  •  Door: This door can be built from day one and can be opened and closed by interacting with it.
  •  New Cooking Recipes: Dragon Fruit Cake, Baked Eggplant, Blueberry Cake, Devilled Chicken Egg, Devilled Duck Egg.
  •  Turtle Succulent Statue: Can be purchased from Herb on Kozita.
You can find some new planters for sale at Sierra's Shop!
The new farm plots can be painted with wall paint brushes!
There are new recipes in the cooking station and oven!

What's your favourite part of the update? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Holidays! Kozita expanded! Dragons, Owls, Optimization and more!
about 3 years ago – Fri, Dec 25, 2020 at 04:05:49 PM

This update is packed full of both optimization improvements and content! As we've been working on bringing the game to the Switch we had to take some time to tackle optimizing the game for a different platform, and this update for the PC makes full benefit of that, with considerable lower memory consumption and running much smoother.


The changes made to the gamepad controls for the Switch version have now been implemented into the PC version as well. If you already play the game with a gamepad you'll notice a lot of improvements with all the inventory actions accessible via gamepad.

There are new button shortcuts and a new item selection menu that gives you extra options when handling items including a way of splitting items with precision.

The game now also shows the correct key prompts in the UI based on your controls configuration.

New Creature: Owls and Transport Baskets

In this new update every winter you might start noticing some nests showing up around the forest. Every day of winter there's a small chance that a Snowy Owl Egg will appear in one of those nests. Picking up an egg starts a new questline with Poppy to build an Egg Hatchery that can be used to hatch Snowy Owl Eggs.

The eggs require to be cuddled once a day for 5 days to hatch into a Baby Snowy Owl. After 10 days of either being cuddled or eating Small Fish, it will mature into a Snowy Owl.

There's a new Boris questline that follows the large storage quest that will unlock a Basket Blueprint. This Basket can be combined with a Snowy Owl to create an Owl Transport Basket.

Owl take those items for you!

Owl Baskets can be used to transfer items home. Any item placed in the Owl Basket will be flown to the home chest, this works anywhere even if you're on Kozita! In case the home chest is full the remaining items will attempt delivery at every in-game hour.  

Kozita Expansion

The Druid has discovered out how to handle Kozita's Thorns and with your help they will start a new questline to get rid of them. This questline will ultimately give you their clothing item, the Leafy Coat.

Kozita's thorns will finally be torn apart!

Once the thorns are gone you'll be able to explore the rest of Kozita, meet the Kozita Miners, the fisher Roe and Mina, the Dragon enthusiast.

Mina is a big fan of Dragons and likes to create and hide Dragon Statues across the island. They will trade any Dragon Statues you find for Dragon-themed decoration items and eventually even Dragon Eggs.

Jasper, the miner, on the other hand is interested in the gems Mina uses to craft those statues and will trade any Dragon statues you find for gems and ores.

There are 20 Dragon Statues scattered around the island each in-game year for you to find. Mina can tell you how many are left for the year if you ask them.

New Creature: Dragons

Dragons are a great new addition to the Garden Paws mounts. They're the only mount that can not only glide but also Fly. Every day in Kozita there's a chance a Dragon Egg will be in one of the nests scattered around the island.

There are 5 different Dragon Eggs that you can find in different times of the year. Each season has a dragon egg and there is a rare chance to find a Dark Dragon Egg. Each egg has a few different dragon possibilities that can hatch from it. With some being rarer than others.

Dragon Eggs can be placed in the Egg Hatchery and take 15 days to hatch. Dragon Babies take 25 days to mature.

It's a lot of fun braving the skies of Kozita with the Dragons. When in the air you can press the jump button to fly. The same stamina wheel that appears when you're swimming appears when you're flying, with a wing icon in the center while flying is active.

The galaxy dragon!

New Creature: Elephants

Dragons aren't the only new animal coming into Garden Paws with the expansion of Kozita Island you'll also find Elephants that you can tame! They can be tamed with Hay and can be used as mounts.

Breeding - Alpaca, Cow, Fox, Bunny

Poppy is back with more breeding treat recipes! With this update the Alpaca, Cow, Fox and Bunnies can all breed adorable colorful new animals!

Fox babies are adorable!

New Loot Chests for Late-game players

When you get to year 3 you'll start noticing better loot coming out of the Chests you find around the island. From large stacks of resources to random Decorations or even Animals, you never know what you're going to find when opening one of these new chests.

More New Items and Features

Splash has new stock in their shop!
  • Superior Furnace

The Superior Furnace can hold stacks of up to 50 at a time as opposed to 10 of the regular furnace, making it easier to set up items to smelt and forget about it going to do other things in the island. This can be obtained through a questline with Beltran in year 2.

  • Ghosty

Ghosty is an adorable little ghost that follows you around when placed in the Face Slot of your equipment inventory. It can be traded for 25 pumpcoins in Halloween Island

  • New Kitsune Fox skins

Splash can now sell 3 new Kitsune Fox skin variations, Purple, Green and Blue.

  • Flower Sprinkler (In Winter with Pamela)

In Winter Pamela can now trade Snow Drops for a Flower Sprinkler, that has the same range of the Gold Sprinkler with a cool flowery visual.

Other Fixes and Changes

  • If you're zoomed in on the map you can now click and drag the map to move the map view around.
  • Crystal Paw and Birch Glass Shelf are now dyeable
  • Guitar has been fixed and can now be played again.
  • Four Christmas sweaters that were missing from Dasher's shop have been added to Dasher's shop.
  • The Grey ferret can now be placed in the Ferret's Habitat
  • Music no longer overlaps after you change islands.
  • Pegasus and Skeleton Horse can now be placed in any stables.
  • New sand collecting spots have been added closer to the player's house.
  • Changed the icon on one of the Cat Tabby skins so it doesn't have the same icon as the other cat tabby skin.
  • Made the shed Item Icons slightly smaller in hopes of fixing an issue with the last row of items not responding to clicks.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the animal showing their preferred food above their head when feeding.
  • Fixed missing colliders in Castle Interior.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Pick All" button on the Cooking Station
  • Fixed an issue with the Dungeon Master costume breaking on the Horse and Dragon characters.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent bears/beetles from leaving the bear cave
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the cat ghost from being tamed.

Happy Holidays and thank you for all of your support!

Happy Holidays!

If you'd like to follow our team here is where you can find us:

Devs are Dan and Kristina with the game audio by Thiago Adamo