Garden Paws. Multiplayer RPG Simulation game for PC & Switch

Created by Bitten Toast Games

Grow plants, run your shop, tame animals, rebuild the town, go spelunking in the caves and more in this relaxing simulation rpg.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Character Skins & Alpha releases soon!
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 08:55:02 PM

Working on the UI


We are constantly trying to improve Garden Paws! We have revamped the UI slightly, so it is easier to find your quests, map and a quick look at tutorials!


What are your favourite skins?

You're probably wondering why we're asking this question because in the demo, all of the skins are unlocked.

We are locking almost ALL the skins. BUT we want to hear from YOU.

What are your top 3 favourite skins?


In the main game we are locking almost all the skins and making them obtainable through questing, unlocking chests, achievements and other methods.

We are hoping this will add some excitement and desire to explore the world.


We will be implementing them all, (and more), over the next little while and would love to hear what your favourite ones are so we get those in right away.

Alpha comes out on the 20th!

If you missed the last update we have confirmed a date for the release of the Alpha which is, October 20th! Only a few days away!

We have been hard at work fixing bugs and implementing as much as we can (bug-free) before then!

As always you're welcome to join us in Discord where we are quite active. :)

Taming System, Alpha Release Date and Last days for changes on Backerkit!
almost 4 years ago – Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 01:28:13 AM

What we've been up to..

The past couple weeks we have been working on bug fixing, optimization and we finished implementing the Taming System! We have also been working on the terrain so there are many more building locations available!

On the Alpha release you will be able to tame rabbits and cats, with many more animals coming as we develop Garden Paws.


How to tame?

In Update #18 we showed you the Small Land Animal Habitat as well as the Cat Habitat. Once you find, buy or receive a habitat blueprint through questing, the habitats will be craft-able at the Habitat Workbench. 

To tame a creature you will need the animals favourite food, which you'll be able to learn about through questing, or by building the habitat and looking for clues

For example, the Small Land Animal Habitat that homes bunnies, has many carrots scattered around.

Brief taming: 1. Find a wild creature. 2. Feed the animal to gain trust over multiple days. 3. Lead the creature to a habitat you own. 4. Name your new pal and go on adventures.

To tame a creature you will have to bring it it's favourite food every day for X number of days. 

Be careful, if you miss a day the bunny will loose a bit of trust and the taming bar will decrease for every day you miss feeding the wild bunny.

Once you gain the trust of the animal, it will follow you until nightfall. You have this time to lead it back to it's new home, the habitat specific for it's type. 

Once the animal has been led to it's new habitat, it will enter the habitat if there is room. Then you will be able to name your new pal and bring them out on adventures.

Backerkit Surveys and Alpha release date!

We'll be sending out the alpha keys to our alpha backers on October 20th! (We will post an update when we launch the alpha of Garden Paws, keep an eye out.)


If you haven't yet, please make sure to fill up the Backerkit Survey to make sure you'll be able to receive the rewards without any issues. If you haven't received an email from Backerkit, check your spam folder.

We'll be locking up the Backerkit on Oct 17th because some credit cards may take 1-2 days to process, so if you need to make any changes to your order or pledge level please make sure to do so before then!

 As always a big thank you to everyone that is supporting us and Garden Paws!!

Did you miss the Kickstarter? Don't worry!
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 10:13:31 PM

Did you miss the Kickstarter?

If you missed the Kickstarter you should check out our pre-order store on Backerkit!

All the surveys have been sent through BackerKit this week, if you haven't received yours make sure to check your spam folder for a email from BackerKit!

There is also the option in the survey to change pledge tiers, if you have changed your mind and would like to pledge higher. You can also change your tier to any kickstarter tier through BackerKit, as shown here.


Kickstarter Exclusive: Steampunk Hat


This week we started working on the Kickstarter Exclusive Hat, a Steampunk hat! We also created a monocle that goes really well with it. The monocle however isn't Kickstarter Exclusive and will be available in game.

If you missed the other Exclusives make sure to check out our past updates

First furniture set implemented!


Our first furniture set is now implemented and all ready for the alpha players! To craft this set of 13 furniture items we have made a Wooden Furniture Workbench!


We're excited to see what kind of furniture sets the backers on Furniture Designer and Character Designer tier are going to come up with!

Join us on Discord 

If you haven't yet, you should consider joining us on Discord! We're always happy to chat and answer questions over there!

The Fox, Multiplayer
almost 4 years ago – Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 09:29:02 PM

New playable character, the Fox!


You may have seen the most recent playable character the Fox! Thanks to our incredible backers we have lots more playable characters coming! There are potentially 7 more playable characters coming from the designer tiers, "Character Designer" and "Become an NPC!"

We will be contacting each of the designers in the next few days to discuss your creations in Garden Paws.


Halloween Update continued

We created 2 costumes that will be in the game during this Halloween season, the Vampurr Cape and the Bat Wings! Those costumes were voted in by the community in an earlier update!


2 New Habitats


To tame a wild creature so it may join you on your adventures, you need the appropriate habitat. We announced 2 in the past and have 2 more done! 

In the past we announced the Small Land Animal Habitat (example: Foxes), and the Fish Pond Habitat. We have also completed the Bunny Habitat and the Cat Habitat!

The habitats do not have fences, so during the day the animals may wander, but don't worry they'll sleep in their habitats every night. If you'd like you are welcome to build a fence for them.


Other notes..  

Over the last couple weeks, Dan our programmer, has been hard at work on Multiplayer. After quite a bit of testing, we're really happy with how it's coming along! Multiplayer will 100% be in the Alpha launch this October!

We are constantly adding quests, and we are currently at 30+ hours of questing game play for the Alpha launch!


Missed the Kickstarter? You can Pre-order on Backerkit!

We have opened a Backerkit store to offer pre-orders. If you missed the Kickstarter and want to pre-order the game you can do so here.

Fanart Contest Results!
almost 4 years ago – Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 06:41:33 PM


The votes are in and these are the results of our Fanart Contest! Thank you so much to everyone that submitted their art and everyone that voted!

Dan and Kristina have been streaming the development of Garden Paws on twitch quite a bit, if you want to watch make sure to join our Discord. We always post the stream up there as we start.


We've been working on implementing the Fox playable character lately, you should see Kristina's reaction to seeing the fox in-game for the first time.