Garden Paws. Multiplayer RPG Simulation game for PC & Switch

Created by Bitten Toast Games

Grow plants, run your shop, tame animals, rebuild the town, go spelunking in the caves and more in this relaxing simulation rpg.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

A huge update!
over 2 years ago – Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 12:58:11 AM

Hey everyone, we're excited to say our latest update has gone live! This is one of our largest updates, especially when it comes to optimization. We've tested this update for quite some time with our beta testers and it's definitely going to improve performance. We've caught all the bugs we could find, but if some got past us and the testers please let us know.

As you may know our team consists of Daniel, Kristina and Thiago and a dozen or so volunteer beta testers. If you'd like to volunteer to join our beta testers please message us on Discord. Thanks!

New Animals, Items and Quests!

This update features tons of new content including new workstations, animals, items and over 80 quests!

New Animal - Penguin

Looking for a chill companion? Keep an eye out for the penguins that can be spotted on a northern island in the Winter! These cute companions can be found in black, pink or blue! There is even a cute baby penguin that can be tamed. 

The penguins can be found on a northern island in the Winter.

Once you have this companion tamed in its igloo, it will bring you rocks, fish and even geodes once a day! If you find yourself with 100 tamed penguins you may even spot the Legendary Penguin that is so large it can be ridden!

New Animal - Kitsune Fox

Legendary Kitsune Fox!

Looking for a unique legendary fox? If you find yourself having tamed 25 foxes you may spot the Kitsune Fox in the forest! This fox can be tamed in just one day with a Bright Damsel fish. If you tame 100 Foxes you may even spot the Legendary Kitsune Fox that is large enough to be a mount!

The Kitsune Fox and Legendary Kitsune Fox have a higher chance to bring rare fish and can even bring you a Mystery Box.

New Items 

New items!

Looking for some new items? Roman is the best shop in town to grab new blueprints and recipes

The Robot - Very late game (year 3) you'll get a certain quest from Mooney to pick up a mystery crate from Conrad. Follow the beeps to your very own collection robot! This robot will collect all dropped animal products and will even milk your cows and goats!

Jewelry Workstation!

Jewelry Workstation - At this station you're able to craft 30 jewelry items from metals and gems to sell for a profit.

Decoration Station!

Decoration Station - At this station you'll be able to cook decorative cakes that are too pretty to eat but sell for a great profit.

Dungeon Workstation - Been exploring the dungeon? This may be the workstation for you. With it you'll be able to craft items and even a healing powder from dungeon loot.

New bathtub!

Furniture - Looking to add to your home? We've added a few new crafting recipes to compliment any home including; an outhouse, ladder, overpass, small tables, a toilet and a bathtub with duckies.

New garden items!

Garden Items - We've added quite a few new items to spruce up any garden including decorative benches, hedges, small trees, and a street lamp.

Decorations - Ask Roman about the new decoration items including book piles, diamonds, coin stacks, wood piles and more.

Winter Update

Are you a fan of the match two mini-game in the Summer? You'll be happy to know we've added a match two game for the Winter as well! This mini-game will bring in exclusive items that can only be obtained at the game.

The new match two game is taking all our gold coins!

There are 21 unique winter themed items including a Candy Cane Fence, Ice Table, Ice Shelves, a Sleigh and a Winter Tree.

Some of the new winter items! What do you think of this icy furniture?

More Quests!

In this update we're happy to say we've added 80+ new quests including seasonal quests! The seasonal quests will trigger every year so you'll never run out of quests in Garden Paws! These quests are mainly focused around trading materials for items with the townsfolk of Florens.

Potion Paws Crossover Items 

Ghost Cat!

If you have heard about Potion Paws then you already know about the crossover items coming to Garden Paws this month in the next update! Just by owning Potion Paws in the same Steam library you will unlock the Cat Ghost Mount and a spooky furniture set! 

If you missed the Potion Paws Kickstarter, don't worry we will be launching it on Steam very soon! 

Ride around on a Ghost Cat!

What's next for Garden Paws?

We are really excited to say we have been working on a huge new island to add to Garden Paws. This island is larger than the main island and will feature rare and unique creatures never before seen in Garden Paws!

We are also glad to say we have made quite a bit of progress on the dungeon and will be releasing more levels soon, along with new unique bosses!

We would like to include the new island, (along with all the new quests, items and creatures it's bringing), to the Switch and that means pushing back the Switch launch till the main game is done.

Thank you everyone for your support as we make our dream games! Also, don't worry we do still have some great updates coming to Garden Paws in the future including lots of dungeon levels, a couple new furniture sets and lots more.

If you'd like to follow our team here is where you can find us: 




Potion Paws, September Update and some spoilers!
almost 3 years ago – Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 01:42:21 AM

What's next in Garden Paws?

Looking to sneak a peek at some more spoilers? Check out our Discord or Twitter (links below).

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying the dungeon that we launched last month! This month we have a huge update planned for you that will introduce a new creature, jewelry station, and quite a few new items. The most important part of  this update is we've done a huge overhaul of our building system and improved optimization.

It's turning out to be a huge update, Dan our programmer completely  rewrote a huge chunk of the game, meaning there is quite a bit of testing that we still have to do.

The Jewelry Station! With it you'll be able to craft all sorts of jewelry from metals and gemstones for a great profit!

We're also glad to say we're right on track for our Nintendo Switch launch this December! 

Potion Paws

If you didn't know we've been working on a very small side game, Potion Paws which will introduce tons of new spooky items to Garden Paws!

Potion Paws is a much smaller game, and you can out more about it on the Kickstarter. We wanted to let you know there is now a demo available for everyone to try out and experience the spooky world of Potion Paws.

Download the demo here!

We also wanted to give a little update on the crossover items from Potion Paws to Garden Paws.

Some items we're thinking of adding to Garden Paws as crossover items, what do you think?

Just by owning Potion Paws you'll unlock the Ghost Cat pet/mount along with a full furniture set (10+ furniture and decoration pieces) and more.

The Kickstarter exclusive cats in the Potion Paws Kickstarter! (By backing the Potion Paws exclusive you'll also receive these pets in Garden Paws!)

Any exclusives that you  obtain from the Potion Paws Kickstarter, (like these cute cats), will unlock for both Potion Paws and Garden Paws! How cool is that!

The Dungeon is in Garden Paws!
almost 3 years ago – Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 10:33:16 PM

The Dungeon is in Garden Paws!

You may have noticed there has been a dungeon in Garden Paws for the last couple weeks. We might have forgotten to write an update, sorry about that. Hope you're enjoying it! If you're not a dungeon fan, don't worry the dungeon is not necessary to the main game and can be ignored.

Pew pew pew!

The dungeon currently has 10 procedurally generated levels with the 10th level being the boss level. You can collect dungeon specific loot here and familiar items including geodes, plant fiber and coal. You can also collect shards that can be used to purchase goods from the shop floor on level 11.

The Shopkeeper doesn't always have the things you're looking for...

The dungeon shop contains a dungeon exclusive furniture set, the Dungeon Stone set and a rare cape! If you still have spare shards, don't worry you can exchange them with Hash for coins.

Look at that stylish cape!
A look at the Dungeon Furniture set.

There are also relics in the dungeon to make each run exciting and different. Some of the relics increase damage, speed and even loot gained!

We plan on adding more levels to the dungeon in the future with more monsters, bosses, loot and all that good stuff.

You can find exciting loot chests in the dungeon!

Secret Hardcore Mode!

Think the dungeon is too easy? You can increase the difficulty with a hidden puzzle. When you first enter the dungeon (before going into the danger zone), you can shoot the blue mushrooms on the right wall from smallest to largest to activate hardcore mode.

Hardcore mode can get... intense.

The hardcore mode reduces your HP from 250 to 100, increases the damage the monsters do and increases the loot drops.

What's coming next in Garden Paws?

We are pretty proud of how far Garden Paws has come this last year, especially with a small team of 3 (2 Developers and 1 Composer). Over the next month(s) we plan on adding the Fruit Trees, a new island, new tameable creatures, the rest of the dungeon, and a new NPC that will have a shop with various decoration items.

We're always working on optimization and will be focusing on this pretty heavily as we start the port to the Switch. Our goal is to have Garden Paws release on the Switch December of this year!

With Garden Paws wrapping up it's core game we're excited to share something we've been working on during our breaks from Garden Paws. (Who knew we had more time :O)

Potion Paws!

You might be surprised to find out that we (Dan and Kristina) have had any time to spare, but we've actually be working on another game while working on Garden Paws!

Before you worry that we're leaving Garden Paws, don't! We love Garden Paws and have plans to add lots more to it. In fact a huge chunk of items are coming to Garden Paws because of Potion Paws!

Potion Paws has an eerie cutesy feeling about it

Potion Paws is a smaller game than Garden Paws and is in the same verse but has a spooky magical twist. 

In Potion Paws your goal is to collect ingredients from the world around you and the dungeon and turn those ingredients into potions and spooky dishes. Once you have a potion you can use it for it's effects or sell it to the caravan merchant for some coin.


When you get a bit of coin to spare you'll be able to purchase upgrades in your home workstation or purchase land around you unlocking new recipes, items and secrets.

Another great part is if you decide to purchase Potion Paws in the future it will unlock lots of spooky items in Garden Paws including decoration items, furniture pieces and even a pet!

We'll have more for you on Potion Paws soon! Kickstarter has been an incredible platform and we plan to launch our next community building Kickstarter for Potion Paws next month with a free demo of Potion Paws!

We really appreciate all the Garden Paws streams and are glad to see so many people are enjoying our game. TheQueenElvira's reaction to seeing us making Potion Paws was great, we're so glad the community is excited to see us making another game.

Don't worry, we'll be including Twitch Integration in Potion Paws as well by having your viewers show up as Ghosts in the game.

Links, Links, LINKS!




5 New Furniture Sets, Candles and more!
about 3 years ago – Mon, Aug 05, 2019 at 12:09:57 AM

More customization? You heard that right!

While Dan is working on the Dungeon, Kristina took this opportunity to sneak in 5 furniture sets. Yup, you heard that right, there are 72 new furniture pieces coming in with this update!

Along with the new furniture we've decided to sneak in a few dozen candles that we made on stream with the community. Once you purchase the Candle Workbench from Roman (and some upgrades) you'll be able to craft 48 place-able candles.

The new workbenches for the furniture sets!
The new workbenches for the furniture sets!

Quick Patch Notes

New Furniture Set : Pink/Purple Galaxy Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)

New Furniture Set: Black Galaxy Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)

New Furniture Set: Modern Black Set (total 14 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)

New Furniture Set: Rainbow Paw Set (total 14 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)

New Furniture Set: Splatter Set (total 13 pieces, can be purchased from Roman)

New Item: Candle Workstation and 16 candles in 3 sizes (totally 48 place-able candles)

New Item: Standing Torch

6 New Building Pieces (various walls and floors)

New Upgrade: Shop Prices Upgrade Book (Frank) With this upgrade you'll see how much a table of goods will sell for.

5 New Furniture Sets

Which is your favourite? We always want to hear from the community, what style of furniture set would you like to see in the future?

Anyone love rainbows as much as we do?
Anyone love rainbows as much as we do?

Who wants to hear us talk about the furniture sets when we can just show you some epic photos! These are only the first few sets of many more to come! Want to see more check out our Twitch, Twitter and Discord for those sweet spoilers!

Dreaming up what you'll do with this Dark Galaxy furniture set?
Dreaming up what you'll do with this Dark Galaxy furniture set?
Anyone want a splash of colour? The Splatter set might be for you!
Anyone want a splash of colour? The Splatter set might be for you!
Or maybe no color at all?
Or maybe no color at all?
Maybe a little bit of colour in the galaxy
Maybe a little bit of colour in the galaxy

More Building Pieces

We heard from the community you'd like more building pieces so we snuck a few into this update. All the items, (other than the corner plaster wall), are unlocked from day one in game. Hope you enjoy!

Some of the new building pieces.
Some of the new building pieces.
  • Half Wooden Foundation
  • Triangle Wooden Foundation
  • Half Wall
  • Short Wall
  • Corner Plaster Wall
  • Window "decoration"

Candle Workstation 

There are 16 different candles that come in 3 sizes!
There are 16 different candles that come in 3 sizes!

Have too much honey? Once you get the Candle Workstation from Roman you'll be able to craft candles in 3 different sizes, totally 48 candles. For performance reasons we couldn't animate the candles flame but we did also include the Standing Torch in this update. If your computer is up for the challenge you can place some standing torches and use the Item Shifter to shift them into the candles.

Other additions and fixes

:O This new face!
:O This new face!
  • We added about 12 new faces. Which is your favourite face?
  • We've added a Shop Prices Upgrade Book, once you've purchased the upgrade from Frank you'll be able to see the total sell price of all the item on the table.
  •  Standing Torch has been added as a build-able.
  • The summer memory game now shows all the combinations after you've played.
  • The bubble hit box has been increased and it raises slower.
  • The wand shoots further and is faster.
  • The wand camera transition is smoother.

Up for a challenge?

2D Challenge
2D Challenge

Every week or two we do a build challenge in our Discord but everyone is welcome to join! This week we are challenging you to build a 2d scene! It can be a home, garden, shop or surprise us! Creative lobbies go up to 32 people so bring your friends!

If you'd like to support us the best thing you can do is talk, tweet and share Garden Paws, it means a lot to us! 

Thanks! -Dan, Kristina & Thiago



The Summer Festival is here!
about 3 years ago – Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 12:50:26 AM

We have a lot to cover in this post, we just did 2 new updates this month (1.2.8 and 1.2.9) and we (Dan, Kristina and Thiago) have a lot to share with you! 

Summer Festival

The Summer Festival and its 3 minigames
The Summer Festival and its 3 minigames

If you enjoyed the Easter Festival we have a great surprise for you! When you reach summer in the event area of the town you will find a brad new Summer Festival!

Balloon popping, lawn mowing and memory game!
Balloon popping, lawn mowing and memory game!

In the Summer Festival you'll find 3 new mini games with great prizes! Each mini-game gives you Summer Tickets that can be used to purchase Mystery Boxes that will give you a random prize when opened.

There are a lot of new items as prizes! Shorts (9 Variations), Tankini (9 Variations), Floaty Accessory (5 variations), Skirt (4 variations), Flower Lei and Marshmellow on a Stick.
There are a lot of new items as prizes! Shorts (9 Variations), Tankini (9 Variations), Floaty Accessory (5 variations), Skirt (4 variations), Flower Lei and Marshmellow on a Stick.

We also have new summer inspired furniture pieces coming with this update, including a Diving Board that functions like the Trampoline.

BeachBall, Beach Chair (6 Variations), Picnic Table and the Diving Board
BeachBall, Beach Chair (6 Variations), Picnic Table and the Diving Board

With these updates you will also find Roman selling some new blueprints that will unlock 6 Fence variations! These fences are also shorter then the one currently in Garden Paws, and are 1 foundation long.

Trading Cards and Steam Badges

Which one is your favorite?
Which one is your favorite?

If you're playing on Steam we now have new Steam Trading Cards in the game, 1 for each of the playable characters. You get them by playing the game or trading with other players.

50+ New Quests

We heard you want some more quests, so we've added 59 new quests in these updates. These quests are focused towards late game players mainly being bulk order quests or quests that unlock after specific blueprints have been purchased.

Hopefully you've been stockpiling items for these new quests!
Hopefully you've been stockpiling items for these new quests!

We are still working on the new map that will come in with 2 new towns, 100+ unique quests and more. Catch us in Discord or on Twitch for spoilers. (Eta for the new map is August.)

Four new NPCs

Hash the guild master!
Hash the guild master!

There are four new NPCs to be found, one is Guppy. Guppy is located in the Inn and will sell you grilled fish once the Inn has been built. We also have Jack Uzzi the friendly Hot Tub salesman that shows up in the Summer Festival along with Sunny the Summer Festival organizer.

Jack Uzzi, the hot-tub salesman
Jack Uzzi, the hot-tub salesman

The other new character is Hash, who is the guild master and has been sent to Florens to keep the monsters in the dungeon inside the dungeon. You can find Hash in the new cave that has been opened near your home on your way to the forest.

The new cave which will also be home to the entrance to the dungeon coming soon!
The new cave which will also be home to the entrance to the dungeon coming soon!

The dungeon is a completely optional part of Garden Paws and will be implemented towards the end of July.

Bubbles and Wands

Always carry your wand with you, you never know when you'll see a bubble around.
Always carry your wand with you, you never know when you'll see a bubble around.

If you head over to Hash and have a chat, you'll get a wand to practice with while the dungeon opens. Want something to practice on? Try shooting some bubbles. The bubbles are pretty rare, so keep an eye out. You'll have a chance to find them floating above the water, (usually near seaweed), and once you pop them they'll drop a mystery box that can be opened for a treasure.

Bugs and adjustments:

  • Most of the items that stacked to 30 now stack to 50.
  •  Paper has been added to the bouquet table.
  •  Ferret and Dung Beetle collections now count towards achievements.
  • The black cat was being fishy but has been fixed and can now be pet and will bring items properly.
  • Pumpkins can no longer place, but can be crafted into decoration pumpkins. (This should make it easier to place them in the seedmaker.)
  •  Creative worlds now show up as green buttons in multiplayer.
  •  Rainbow Poop won't turn into Gold Poop when picked up. Rainbow poop sell price has also been increased from 150 to 300.
  • Fish Traps and Shellfish Traps now say "Harvest" instead of "Pick Up".
  • The mushroom storage has been correctly named on the interaction pop-up. (The mushroom storage thought it was a seed storage.)
  • The Boat Shelf can now take up to 6 items.
  • Fixed a bug in which the dungeon lobby cave rocks disappeared at day 2 but the cave itself would only appear by day 7.
  • You can purchase money bags from the Mayor if you want to save or trade coin.
  • The Item Shifter can now also clone objects (IN CREATIVE MODE ONLY).

Hanging out with the devs!

If you caught us recently on Twitch you'll know we were hosting a 32 player creative lobby where we were inviting people to build a house for this weeks Neighbourhood Challenge! Every 1-2 weeks we do a fun challenge in the discord, this week we're challenging your creativity to build a street with houses/shops or even a full neighbourhood.

A little peek at our Pawsome Town
A little peek at our Pawsome Town

We love these challenges and seeing what people come up with, especially when people surprise us with how creative they are with the Item Shifter!

Check this out!

We want to give a huge shout out to a beautiful looking game, AWAY: The Survival Series. In AWAY you play as a Sugar Glider and immerse yourself in nature and journey into the wild. There are incredible environments to explore and you even have the chance to play as several different creatures from insects to mammals!

Cute animals? Check!
Cute animals? Check!

There are only a 2 days left on the campaign and you can read more about it here: