Garden Paws. Multiplayer RPG Simulation game for PC & Switch

Created by Bitten Toast Games

Grow plants, run your shop, tame animals, rebuild the town, go spelunking in the caves and more in this relaxing simulation rpg.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

100 Dungeon Levels, Castle, Skunk, Fishing 2.0 and more!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 10:36:37 PM

Version 1.3.8 is now live! This update is packed full of content! We're really excited about this update we've added the 100 floors of the dungeon and will continue to work on it for future updates. We have added new tools, furniture sets, a new creature and more! 

We made a small video showcasing this update. If you like the video update let us know and don't forget to share it with your friends. :) We have posted this video on Twitter and Facebook as well.

From the devs..

We, (Dan and Kristina), wanted to let everyone know that we are working on Garden Paws and it is our main focus, we have started the process of getting Garden Paws on the Switch but have no eta at this time. We are also working on Potion Paws at the same time but want to reassure the community that we are working on Garden Paws. 

A little bit about us, we have been making games for years and find we work best with taking creative breaks. Potion Paws and another game we recently made (Farting with Friends) allow us to be creative without feeling burned out. (Yup we're weird, our breaks are us working on other games.)

We are just letting the community know as we've seen some concerns brought up that we're working on multiple projects at once. We understand your concerns, but rest assured we are giving 110% to both games.

P.S. If you want to download "Farting with Friends", for free you can do so here. It's a multiplayer game we made in a couple days where you play as a cute skunk, (yup the one coming into Garden Paws), and your goal is to knock out your friends by farting on them. During these hard times we find it's a great silly game to play with friends, so we wanted to share it with everyone.

Sorry for the rambling, let's jump into this update.

The Dungeon is complete! ...kind of

The new Ice Dungeon features new versions of the old enemies and a whole new Furniture Set!

In this update you can now play past the first 10 dungeon levels all the way up to level 100! We have added the Ice Furniture set, a snazzy Ice Cape and an Ice Wand that does a little bit more damage.

You can play up to level 100 and you'll notice environmental changes and stronger monsters as you progress but we haven't added all the bosses, furniture sets and monster variations yet. We plan to expand on the dungeon in future updates.

A little tip for dungeon divers that want a challenge, try shooting the mushrooms on the right when you enter dungeon from smallest to largest. Or was it from largest to smallest, it was one of those two options. By doing so you'll enter hardcore mode where you will have less hp and the monsters will be stronger, but hey more loot!

Birch Trees and Bee Hives

Plant your own Birch Trees!

We are pretty excited about a new gameplay feature, growing your own Birch Tree Farm! Once you have built the Tree Farm for Bruce, they'll be able to start selling you Birch Tree Saplings! It will take several days for the tree to mature, but once it does you can chop it down for Birch Wood and a chance for rare item drops.

Bee keeping will feel even more complete with your own Bee Hives

The rare items you can get range from seed mystery boxes to bee nests. The Bee Nests are a new item you can use to craft your very own Bee Hive! This hive acts similar to the natural occurring bee hive, where you can gather a honey or honeycomb once a day. We heard you want less of a honeycomb grind, we hope this helps.

Birch Furniture 

Now that you have all that Birch Wood you can use it to craft one of the many new, and profitable Birch Furniture items! These items can be painted with the furniture paint brushes, and when painted they'll be in soft pastel colours.

There are some new Birch Bonsai Trees and other great new items to find in game.

New Upgrade: The Castle

Your own castle right in the heart of Florens!

Once you have commissioned all of the town upgrades you will be able to commission your very own Castle from Frank! The Castle comes with plenty of room for your building needs, a new workbench with new castle furniture and even a special pet!

By purchasing this upgrade you're also showing you're the best and the mayor has granted you permission to build anywhere in and around the town.

New Upgrade: Cosmetic Tools Shop

Cosmo will sell different cosmetic tools every day!

Once you have upgraded your tools to Gold you will be able to invite Cosmo to open a shop in Florens. Cosmo will sell variations of the gold tools with a cosmetic flair.

There are currently 20 cosmetic tool variations for you to purchase in styles ranging from ghost to flowers and more. We plan on adding more tool variations in the future, let us know in the comments what kind of tool variations you would like to see.

New Creature: The Skunk

Skunks are so cute!

Remember that game "Farting with Friends" that we mentioned? When we made the Skunk character we fell in love with it and had to add it to Garden Paws.

Not only this creature is really cute, it's also useful in your farm. Once tamed the skunk will drop lots of poop and even fertilizer.

The Skunk can be found in the forest biome, is tamed with chicken eggs and will be at home in the Forest Animal Habitat.

Fishing 2.0

With the Gold Fishing Rod fishing gets faster and better!

We have made some tweaks and improved fishing, starting with two new upgrades! The Silver and Gold fishing rods will reduce the catch time and increase your odds to collect rare fish, while decreasing your odds of collecting trash.

We have added a few new rare fish for you to hunt down as well, these fish are too pretty eat but they sell for some nice coin.

Want more trash? The Trash Fishing Rod is for you!

There is also a new Trash Fishing Rod that is by far our favourite. It will only hook bottles, soggy paper, fertilizer, glass, seaweed and have a rare chance for mystery boxes and other "trash" items that we're sure you're going to enjoy.

The Fishing Experience has also been improved with a rare chance for mystery boxes to pop up while your fishing.

The gamepad has some significant improvements to make fishing more enjoyable and relaxing. When you use the gamepad you simply pull the joystick in the direction of the fish and click to catch it.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

New Item: Stone Sprinkler

Stone Sprinkler will be an alternative to watering the plants in early game!

After seeing some gameplay and hearing feedback from the community we've noticed the sprinkler can be hard to obtain early game, if you're not looking for it.

To make the game more enjoyable your grandparents have sent the Stone Sprinkler Blueprint in your first Summer in Garden Paws. It will act the same as the copper sprinkler in terms of radius, but will require different resources to craft.

We hope this makes the game less of a grind and more enjoyable for those looking to start Garden Paws again from the beginning. :)

There are too many emotes so... Emote Wheel!

We had a bit of fun making some new emotes, but found we had too many and forgot to tell people about them in general. (What you didn't know you could fart with ".", have a chance to poop and then sell it to your customers? Yeah we added that crucial feature.)

The Emote Wheel will help you express yourself quicker in the game!

If you hold down Z an emote wheel will pop up! The emote wheel features the emotes we already had in the game plus 2 new emotes, the wave and the pout!

Gamepad Improvements

As a part of the Switch porting process we've been reworking the Gamepad controls for Garden Paws. This update should fix a lot of the gamepad issues pointed out by players and improve gamepad gameplay overall.

If you find any problems with the gamepad play please let us know so we can address the problem. 

Other notes:

We possibly missed some of the updates and bug fixes we did for this update, but here's some of the stuff we did that we remembered to write down.

  • Several multiplayer issues have been fixed.
  • Copper, Silver and Gold sprinklers radius' have been slightly increased (to a 20% larger radius). The stone watering size is slightly smaller than the copper.
  • Loot Chests now have a chance to contain better rewards
  • Some stacks have been increased from 1 to 10
  • Jellyfish prices have been increased by 25 coins.
  • The Silver Pickaxe, Silver Axe, Gold Pickaxe and the Gold Axe sell prices have been increased.
  • Beetles now have a rare chance to drop fertilizer.
  • Hippos now can drop piles of poop (3x poop)
  • Bulletin Board Quests now should be able to be tracked.
  • Fixed the Dungeon Shop in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed the Jetpack in Creative Mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented animals from being fed if they moved too far from their spawn spot.
  • Fixed Chess Piece position reset not syncing correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with the snow flashing on foundations in winter.
  • Fixed an issue with the grill when 2 different type of fish are on it.
  • Fixed an issue with Halloween Island chests not respawning correctly
  • Fixed an issue with skins and equipment not dropping with the correct drop rates on the loot chests

If you'd like to follow our team here is where you can find us:

Devs are Dan and Kristina with the game audio by Thiago Adamo




Combat Island, Butterfly Garden, Fruit Tree Seedmaker, Feeding Trough, Fish Drying Rack and more!
over 2 years ago – Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 07:53:33 PM

Tons of new items and QOL updates!

This update is a pretty exciting one as we've included quite a few epic features. Our favourite being the Auto Deposit feature which will allow you to deposit items into a chest without opening it. Another huge QOL update are the improvements to the crafting system. Now you can click an item and craft it's prerequisites without switch tabs.

Auto Deposit feels so satisfying!

We apologize if we missed listing any new items or bug fixes. Other news, the Switch version is currently being worked on and we appreciate your patience as we get it to the best state we can. The Steam Workshop update is coming along way faster than we initially projected, we will have more news on that soon. If you would like to join the beta workshop we have more news on that in our discord.

There were also many many tweaks made to improve performance in this update, our initial feedback has shown huge leaps in performance. If you are experiencing problems though we have found reinstalling the game through steam and verifying game files fixes many. If you come across any bugs please let us know through steam discussions, or discord. Thank you!

Looking for some spoilers or tricks on how to get the new items? Head over to our discord here:

Sitting in the sun with the butterfly garden.

Quick list of the new items:

  • Feeding Trough
  • Fruit Tree Seedmaker
  • Fridge
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Fish Drying Rack
  • New Shed and Planters
  • New Paintbrushes (40 new textures for walls and floors)
  • Bouncy Mushrooms

Combat Island

This new island is available at the start when you acquire a wand, head to this island and defeat all the monsters for a huge chest of goodies. While you're here take in the view and collect the many resources that scatter the island.

A side note, it is possible to visit the island and avoid combat to collect the resources on the island.

Feeding Trough

A new item to feed all your farm animals around it, does not tame wild animals.

Fruit Tree Shop and Seedmaker

The new fruit tree seed shop.

Bruce will start selling fruit trees after the fruit tree shop upgrade has been purchase from Frank. You do not need to  complete the tree farm to open the fruit tree shop.

The Fruit Tree Seedmaker is a late game item that can turn 10 fruit items, (apple, lemon, orange, cherry, blueberry), into the tree/bush seed pack.


A fridge with a bitten toast magnet!

A 40 capacity storage item that can hold all food items.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly garden

Place up to 6 butterflies inside the garden. For every two butterflies they will drop a seed a day, max 3 seeds a day per butterfly garden.

Fish Drying Rack

The fish drying rack!

Use the fish drying rack to dry a full stack of fish over 3 in game days. These fish yield more coin and give more stamina/health than grilled fish. 

New Shed and Planters

New shed and planter items.

There is a new white wood shed and white wood planter. When painted with the furniture paintbrushes they are painted soft pastel colours.

Pastel planters vs original colour planters.

Bouncy Mushroom Items

New items at Pamela's shop. Can trade 10 red or blue mushrooms for a small mushroom furniture item. Can trade 25 red or blue mushrooms for a large mushroom furniture item. 

New Paintbrushes

Showcasing the new paintbrushes!

There are 3 new paintbrushes the Glow Swirl Paintbrush, Swirl Tile Paintbrush and Stone Tile Paintbrush. There are also 3 new textures in the Pattern Paintbrush, a new wood texture, and 5 new textures in the Pastel Paintbrush. There are 40 new textures in total that can be used for the walls, floors, custom carpets and custom paintings.

The new stone tile paintbrush.

QOL Updates and more Patch Notes

  • Animals can now be dyed in the dyeing station but will only have color when following player.
  • 15+ new quests
  • If you pickup an item it will not go into you hotbar first if you're already holding the item. It will complete the stack in your inventory first.
  • If you're holding a food item and are close to a trigger (example: shop table/chest) you will not consume the item.
  • Fruit trees are visible to clients after day one now.
  • Item shifting a planter moves the soil.
  • You can craft the components for the item in the same place as the item if it is in the same workbench.
  • Dogs and Horses can now appear as customers in the shop.
  • New crafting recipe to turn Gold Poop into a Seed Mystery Box.
  • The paintbrush textures that have lines in between walls/floors have been fixed.
  • Frank no longer hides under the house.
  • More Improvements on Customer AI
  • There is now a pickup notification when you catch a butterfly/bee
  • Plants in a no harvest zone will no longer show their "Press E to harvest
  1. When Opening Crafting Menu if the last recipe read is an option, keep it selected.
  2. Animals in stone paw should no longer be spawning items.
  3. Blueberry bushes visual bar growing problem as been fixed.
  4. Twitch chat is showing in game again.

Multiplayer bug fixes and updates:

  • Fruit trees are visible to clients after day one.
  • If Auto-grant permissions is turned on, apply all permissions when someone enters.
  • Shop profits will be shared spam has been fixed.
  • Name not showing up on "Connected" message has been fixed.
  • Lag spikes when guest breaking trees has been fixed.


Kristina and Dan on Twitch!

As always Thank you for all your support as we make our dream game, we appreciate it! If you'd to chat with the devs and community here are some links:

Devs are Dan and Kristina with the game audio by Thiago Adamo




Happy New Years!
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jan 01, 2020 at 01:16:42 AM

Happy New Years!

We hope you had a great 2019 and are ready for 2020! We've sent out an in game letter with some fireworks to help celebrate the new year! This mail will be available for a limited time in game, don't worry the fireworks are always available in game to craft.

Happy new years!

 New Houses!

We've heard from the community that you'd like some new houses, especially in multiplayer, so that you and your friends can each have your own home. We've added 3 houses for purchase on your way to Franks. These houses can be purchased in single player or multiplayer for 5,000 coin each.

If you'd like to pool your coin together remember you can always turn on/off share shop profits in the settings or purchase a money bag from Mayor Wilson to trade coin.

New Items

New paintbrushes!
  • There are 3 new recipes, Blueberry Soup, Blueberry Filling and Blueberry Pie.
  • There are 2 new paintbrushes at the Paintstation. The Winter Paintbrush (10 styles) and the Snow Paintbrush (9 styles). Each one can be used on the walls/floors/custom carpets or custom paintings.
  • You can now collect snowballs from snow piles in the winter.
New paintbrushes!

Bug Fixes and Patches

  • Replaced A star pathfinding with Native Navmeshs, hoping that will fix the crashing in the dungeon some people have been experiencing.
  • That should also fix the issue with customers going behind the counter.
  • Patchnotes in-game now pull from a remote location so can be updated more easily.
  • There is now a in-game popup that lets you know if corrupt installation files are detected.
  • Fixed an issue with the shellfish traps instantly being retrieved after placing.
  • Fixed an issue that would reset painting in the house walls/floor after visiting the dungeon or other islands.
  • New Music and SFX for winter island and winter island games.
  • (Potion Paws Crossover) The Crystal Paw now states in game that it is the habitat for the Cat Ghost.
  • Some chests have been slightly moved to keep you on your toes.
  • Lemonade now replenishes 10 stamina.
  • The Happy Holidays mail has been removed.

Happy Holidays! Garden Paws now has a Winter Island!
over 2 years ago – Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 02:08:31 AM

Happy Holidays everyone!

A whole new winter island full of winter wonders!

To celebrate the holidays we made a new Winter Island for Garden Paws! In this Island you will find a brand new Snowball fight minigame. There are also many Snowmen scattered around the island to be destroyed with snowballs. These snowmen can drop coal or winter tickets.

If you're in winter you'll find a new destination on Conrad's Dock

Quick Patch Notes

  • Added a new Winter Island during the winter with a new winter mini-game, snowballs and snowmen scattered around to find and destroy with the snowballs.
  • Fixed an issue with buildables not updating color/position properly in multiplayer if the host is too far away from it when guest moves/paints.
  • Fixed an issue with cows not being milkable after first day
  • Fixed an issue with Halloween island dropping people in the water forever if they pass out there.
  • Fixed an issue with Halloween island's chests not respawning the next year.
  • Fixed an issue with some minor visual-only particles not spawning properly. - Added a little cute jiggle animation to breakables when they get hit.
  • Wild animal habitat's trigger has been increased slightly.
  • When closing your game on a different island than the regular island, the game will now resume from there when you open it again.

Fruit Trees, Crossover Potion Paws items, Custom Paintings, Carpets and more!
over 2 years ago – Sun, Dec 22, 2019 at 01:44:58 AM

Happy Holidays

The last update was PACKED with content, with that we did hear of some bugs from the public and are happy to say we've fixed almost if not all the high priority bugs. We appreciate the community reporting bugs, without you they'd hide and we wouldn't know about them. Huge thanks to this amazing community.

As a little thanks from the Bitten Toast team we have sent you some mail in game with some festive hats for you and your friends. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Quick Patch Notes

  • Tons of bug fixes! If you find any bugs after this update please let us know.
  •  Fruit Trees; Apple, Orange, Lemon and Cherry (trees change each season) 
  •  Pamela's Shop/Trading Center has been added (mysterious tree trunk house) here you can trade for new items
  •  Pamela's items: Daisy lamp, Daisy Rug, Daisy Ball, Clover Rug, Veggie Basket (chest)
  • Blueberry Bushes
  •  27 new food recipes (4 are cakes that you can place and decorate with) 
  •  Paintable carpets and paintings. The wall/floor paintbrushes can be used on these (60+ patterns).
  • Accessory Item: Unicorn Horn 
  • Accessory Item: Antlers 
  • Accessory Item: 6 new wings (swirl designs and bee wings)

Huge building system update: The hammer and item shifter now have a "Selector" option. By clicking this you can select the item you'd like to interact with.  

Potion Paws crossover items have been added. The 26 crossover furniture items are just for owning Potion Paws in the same Steam library. You'll receive the workbench in the mail on day 2 in game. Potion Paws Kickstarter Exclusive Cat with Cape Keys have also been sent out. 

  • 26 crossover furniture items
  • Cat Ghost Pet/Mount
Don't forget to open Garden Paws during the holidays to get something special from us!

Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes!

Fruit Trees!

Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Cherries, oh my! There are 4 fruit trees that can be found around Florens and the nearby islands. Each season there will be a new tree type in the wilds, if you don't want to wait for the wild fruit trees you can plant your own. Each tree even has a rare chance to drop seeds when being harvested.

 These new fruits can be used in one of the many new cooking recipes at the cooking station or oven. There's more! You can now find Blueberry Bushes in the wild as well!

Blueberries can be used to craft a variety of items!

Potion Paws Crossover Items 

A rainbow dragon riding a Cat Ghost, what next!?

We're happy to say we've added the Potion Paws crossover items. We added even more items then we originally set out to add. There are 26 furniture items to decorate with! You may even find the Cat Ghost mount lurking in a cave that you can befriend with some stardust!  You can tame as many of these as you'd like.

If you own Potion Paws in the same Steam library as Garden Paws you'll receive in-game mail containing the Mysterious Potion Table blueprint. Once you've crafted this workbench you'll unlock the rest of the Potion Paws crossover items.

Custom Painting and Carpets

We've added two new items that can be painted with the wall paintbrushes. This will open up over 60 painting variations and 60+ carpet styles. This upgrade can be purchased from Roman after you've unlocked the Painting Station.

So many options to choose from!

Building System Update!

The Building System received a huge improvement in this update. When placing a piece, using the hammer or the item shifter there is now an option for opening a "Selector". When in selector mode your mouse is visible and you can mouse over different buttons on the UI to select what socket or building piece you want to interact with.

Using the Selector to place foundations exactly where you want them.

This makes it easier to build faster and make less mistakes. It also makes mistakes easier to fix since with the new selector menu you can hammer out even the hard to select things like the sprinklers.

Selecting items with the item shifter is a breeze now!

Pamela's Trading Center

Pamela has lovely items to trade with you

Pamela's Trading Center has finally opened its doors to the people of Florens. You can find the big tree trunk on Ferret Island. Inside you will find Pamela the Unicorn. Pamela doesn't use coins and instead prefers trading items for their wares.

What's next for Garden Paws?

We've got big plans for Garden Paws including adding more levels to the Dungeon, and even a huge new island to explore and more! We welcome you to join our discord or follow our twitter for spoilers as we work on them.

Even more challenges will be coming to the Dungeon soon! (Gif thanks to April on the Discord)

We originally set out to release Garden Paws on the Switch this December, but have to ask the community to wait a bit longer so we can get the game to be the best it can be without rushing. We hope you understand we are working our hardest to get the game to the Switch without cutting content we would love to see in Garden Paws.

If you'd like to follow our team here is where you can find us:

Devs are Dan and Kristina with the game audio by Thiago Adamo